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About Us

Safica was established to support and empower craftsmanship in Senegal, West Africa in 2016.


The country of Senegal has beautiful, very fertile land surrounded by the Atlantic sea. Most of people here are either fishermen or farmers.

Cows and sheep are a part of Senegalese scenery because farmers let them walk around.

They are sold for food consumption. The animal skins are cleaned and dried and then often exported to Italy.

As internationally known, Italian leather treatment companies manufacture beautifully finished products for high standard brands use.


Then the scraps...

Senegal imports them back here to sell.
The Safica team has found those beautiful leather scraps on the street of Dakar. Then we wondered... What can we do with these beautiful pieces?

Our decision was quickly made! Yes, Babouche for women.

Each piece of leather is carefully selected by the Safica team. Then our shoemakers delicately manufacture according to designs.

We believe in the whole process that we use. Taking time to choose each piece of leather and wondering, figuring out how & what to create with it. And smiling together...

We also believe that Senegalese craftsmanship should be known by people from around the world. Being known will enhance their quality artisan-ship, and their techniques will remain with their beautiful hands.